About us

Jen, a self taught baker, who had been baking since the age of 9! I would bake all kinds of cakes, slice them up and sell them on the corner of my block! I am a true entrepreneur at heart! Rob, a self made businessman, with talent and experience in the kitchen! He can take any ingredient and make something that you would not expect to taste good and fall in love with it! We met as teenagers while working in a popular buffet restaurant. Rob was a kitchen manager and I was a cashier/hostess. Although we became great friends, we lost touch after I left the restaurant.

Four years later, we were reintroduced by a mutual friend and we haven't separated since!

Our favorite pass time was to grab a good meal, cold drink and watch a great movie! We loved to take last minute trips to specialty restaurants. We even chose our vacation spots based off of food popularity. We are each others favorite food partner!

Fast forward passed marriage and two kids to 2011 when we opened the doors of our gourmet cupcake bakery, Cupcakeology! I mean, what other choice does two incredibly greedy foodies have when they have a craving for gourmet sweets and there is nowhere else in their neighborhood to go to!

Now we can share our unique taste pallet, pour our love for incredible sweets into our own desserts and share with the community! Oh yeah, and we can now indulge in absolutely delicious desserts anytime we want! Thats the best part!

Our customers have accused us of putting, well, an illegal substance I should say, in our homemade batter because they are so addicted. Although we haven't laced our batter with anything illegal, they are merely addicted to the genuine love we put into our homemade recipes. Now, we’ve decided to no longer keep our addicting recipes to ourselves, its time to share our cake batter with the world! Introducing, Cupcakeology Cake Batter! Our two children, Robby and Jaye just love to be little bakers and add their own ingredients to make their own special little cakes to mimic their little personalities. Our hope is that you have as much fun with it as our family does! Just pour, bake and enjoy!