Meet Mr. and Mrs. Cupcake

August 08, 2016 Jennifer Morris

Many of you have been asking us how we got started, what gave us the idea to open a bakery, how is it working with my husband as a business partner, how do we balance work, business and being parents of two energetic, little monsters and how things are going now. Well, here it is! Our blog, What’s Cupcakeology Bakin’! Our goal in writing this blog is to not only answer those questions but to give you a personal VIP pass into our journey. Past, present and future! We will discuss how and why we got started, the process of starting the business, the learning curves and lessons, baking and recipes, how we got on TV and radio, whats new, what to expect in the future and the overall FUN we are having on our journey!

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Before we get into how Cupcakeology was born, we have to give you a little history of how Mr. and Mrs. Cupcake met! Do you remember that famous buffet on Baltimore Pike in Springfield, PA (a suburb outside of Philadelphia), named Old Country Buffet? Yup! Thats where we met! Figures right? Foodies then and even bigger foodies now! That was my very first job that I secured before I even turned 16. I frequented the buffet with my Grandmom. Yes, the one and only Me-Mom of the world famous Me-Moms Sweet Potato Cup-pies! During one of our daily visits, she told the manager that her granddaughter needed a job. Thanks Me-Mom!

Rob already worked there as a line cook. We quickly became very good friends! He was super funny and everyone knows I love to laugh. We talked about anything and everything. BUT, friends is where we left it. He was doing his thing and I was doing mine. I left the buffet to work at ACME in Lansdowne, PA and Rob stayed at Old Country to eventually get promoted to Bakery manager, then Kitchen manager. 


4 years later we were re-introduced by a mutual friend. We were inseparable after that. Our favorite pass time was to grab a good meal, cold drink and watch a great movie! We loved to take last minute trips to specialty restaurants, no matter what city or state it was in. We even chose our vacation spots based off of food popularity. We are each others favorite food partner!


2004 we were married. Our first born, Robby, came in 2007 and totally rocked our world! I never had brothers so i had nooooo idea, and Jaye followed 3 years later in 2010! And there you have it, a little Morris family history.

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My goal is to keep our blog posts short and sweet, but packed with information you can use. Our journey as business owners has been a roller coaster ride full of ups, downs, major twists and turns. Everything we went through and learned from inception through now, we have learned ourselves through research, trial and error, and using our God given entrepreneurial instincts.

We couldn't ask our parents for start-up money. We don't have that uncle who knows someone in banking that can help us out. We don't live next door to that neighbor who owns a business that could mentor us and give us advice along the way. With that being said, if we can mentor and help just one of you along your business journey, we will be full filled. After all, Each one, Teach one!


Please comment with questions and topics you would like to read about. Welcome to our world! We appreciate you!